Sketch refocuses as a company, revamps its website and launches many new features

Since the end of last year, Sketch has seen a lot of changes. Let's go over the main Sketch updates.

Sketch refocuses as a company, revamps its website and launches many new features
Image: Sketch

Since the end of last year and the beginning of 2023, Sketch has seen a lot of changes. Including a change in the company's development vector, updating the main page of the site and an impressive list of new features. Today, let's go over the Sketch updates that you might have missed.

The new look of the Sketch website

Probably the most interesting detail is the creative design of the main screen. Now the first screen of the Sketch website can be edited.

All elements can be interacted with by dragging them wherever you want. But that's not all, users can create their own versions of the main page of the site (though in the same style and with the same essence). Many users have already shared their versions of the Sketch home page on Twitter.

Sketch's original main screen

Sketch goals for 2023

In a blog post about its 2023 goals, the company said Skets has refocused as a company. They now have a "smaller but more flexible team that can double down on what really matters: making the product better for users."

Among the main goals:

  • Make work in Sketch even clearer for non-designers;
  • Smooth out the rough edges of the Mac app, improve its existing features and polish the overall experience;
  • Make it easier for designers to share their work;
  • Communicate more with your community and listen to their requests.

The main new Sketch features

2023 has just begun, and Sketch has already released a lot of new features. You can find a full list of all the new features on the official Sketch website in the "What's New" section, but we've compiled the main ones here:

  • Import Figma files to Sketch: You can now open Figma files in Sketch! Simply head to File > Open Local document (⇧⌘O) and choose your .fig file, or drag it over the Sketch icon in the Dock.
  • Annotations in the Mac app: Now, no matter where you comment or reply, your conversations will always stay in sync.
Video: Sketch
  • Templates: You can now turn any document into a template that everyone in your Workspace can use (+ a bunch of free and customizable Sketch templates).
  • More predictable and reliable Smart Layout: When you hide nested Symbol instances, Sketch now preserves and removes spacing in a way that’s more reliable and predictable.

Sketch also wrote a blog post that compiled features that users may have missed in 2022. Among them, for example:

  • Better Symbol overrides: The Mac app’s new Inspector panel groups overrides by type, so you can quickly see and change things like colors, text values, Styles and nested Symbols. Plus, you can now override font properties like weight, color, alignment and more within Symbol instances.
  • Handoff-friendly Color Tokens.
  • Prototyping with Overlays: Recently, Sketch added support for Overlays, which are great for creating modals, pop-ups and more.

Sketch also has an updated blog and a community forum (with the help of which the company is going to connect the community more strongly and get more feedback).

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