The Release Date and Key Features of Windows 12 Unveiled

Windows 12 is slated for a fall 2024 release, featuring a floating taskbar and exciting AI advancements.

The Release Date and Key Features of Windows 12 Unveiled
Image: Microsoft

According to a recent report by Windows Latest, the highly anticipated Windows 12 is set to be released in the fall of 2024. Among the notable updates, users can expect the introduction of a floating taskbar and an array of AI features.

It has been revealed that initially, only a portion of users will receive the Windows 12 update by the end of 2024. The mass deployment of the new operating system is anticipated to occur throughout the entirety of 2025.

One of the key changes will be the introduction of the new desktop with a kind of floating taskbar. According to the source, Microsoft wants to make the taskbar appear to float above the desktop by separating it from the desktop and rounding off the corners. Microsoft is also optimizing Windows 12 for ARM processors and adding some features based on artificial intelligence.

Estimated view of the floating taskbar for Windows 12 | Image: Microsoft

At the same time, the company has not decided on the final list of innovations and is exploring the possibility of adding certain options. This also applies to the floating taskbar.

Reports indicate that Windows 12 will implement more stringent system requirements. Specifically, the new operating system will necessitate a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, compared to the 4 GB requirement in Windows 11. However, the processor specifications will remain unchanged, with a 64-bit chip operating at a frequency of at least 1000 megahertz continuing to meet the requirements.

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