WhatsApp tests revamped image attachment UI

WhatsApp is testing a redesigned image attachment interface for a more streamlined user experience. The update replaces the two-tab layout with a single, scrollable feed showcasing image folders followed by recent images.

WhatsApp tests revamped image attachment UI
image: androidheadlines.com

WhatsApp is reportedly testing a redesigned UI for its image attachment page. It proposes replacing the current two-tab interface with a single, vertically scrolling feed that showcases all user images.

WhatsApp is testing a redesigned image attachment interface within its messaging app. This update is part of a broader effort to modernize the app's visual experience.

Currently, the image attachment page offers two tabs: "Recents" and "Gallery." The "Recents" tab displays recently downloaded, edited, or captured images, while the "Gallery" tab provides access to all user image folders.

The new iteration proposes a single, vertically scrolling feed. This feed would prioritize user image folders, followed by "Recent" images. It is important to note that this feature is in the testing phase (latest WhatsApp beta update and subject to change. Further refinement is expected before final implementation.

Some users might find the initial placement of "Recent" images within the new feed less intuitive, potentially requiring additional taps or scrolling to access. Addressing this potential usability concern could be a focus for future iterations.

Overall, this redesign reflects WhatsApp's ongoing commitment to improving the user experience through a more streamlined and modern visual interface.